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23 - 26 May 2019

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Products supporting motherhood through every stage.

Meet Yummy Mummy Lifestyle

Motherhood is a beautiful, yet sometimes scary journey that us as women embark on, that’s why we’ve created Yummy Mummy Lifestyle; to help take care of your daily nutritional needs and lend you support where you need it most, so that you can spend more time enjoying your bundle of joy.

Yummy Mummy Lifestyle Collagen Protein provides vitamins, minerals and protein that supports your daily nutritional needs that is required during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Yummy Mummy Lifestyle helps every mom meet her pre-and post natal nutrition as well as support healthy fetal development.

Yummy Mummy Lifestyle Booby Bars are designed to help breastfeeding moms by stimulating milk production to ensure that you will have a better breastfeeding experience.

Yummy Mummy Lifestyle Healing Mama Calm Magnesium Bath Salt was created to help every mom have 15 minutes of pure bliss at night. Enjoy soaking in the tub while our Magnesium Bath Salt takes care of you.

Here at Yummy Mummy Lifestyle we love strong, healthy growing babies and happy mommies that’s why we've created products to ensure just that.

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Breastfeeding Support

We want to make the breastfeeding experience easier. Our products can help increase your breast milk supply and make sure that you have enough super nutritious milk.

Value for money

Moms will get the best nutrition with each of our products. With this support, you will easily meet your daily required intake of protein, minerals and vitamins - without breaking the bank.

Fight off mom brain

Our product ingredients increase your energy and elevate your mood. It may also fight off exhaustion, anxiety, stress and baby blues associated with post-partum. 


Wide variety

YML has an awesome variety of products to support each mom's lifestyle. Whether you are a gym mom, stay at home mom, working mom, exclusive breast feeding or pumping mom, we’ve got your back.


Our products are dairy-free as we use a vegan rice and pea protein. This is more baby-friendly as lots of babies are not able to process the lactose found in breastmilk.

Pregnancy comfort

Our products use Peptan Collagen (the best on the market) which may help minimize stretch marks, cellulite, ligament and joint aches and pains associated with pregnancy. It also supports baby’s development.


Please get in touch with us if you have any queries.