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    “I could see an increase in my milk supply quiet quickly and the taste of the bar is really good.”


    Pumping Mom to a Baby Girl

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    “This is a wonderful product. I definitely had more energy on the days I was able to drink my shake than on the days I forgot or I was just too busy to drink it. It’s a good meal replacement and helped curb my cravings. It also gave me a lot of breastmilk with my third baby, where I usually had to take prescribed medication with my previous two children.”


    mom with two kids and a new born.

    (Judilene used our product right up to her baby’s birth. She struggled a lot with aches and pains during pregnancy and didn’t have enough breastmilk with previous two babies.)

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    “It tastes great and gave me a lot more energy, I didn’t feel as tired and fatigued as I did before.”

    Jeanette J

    17 Weeks Pregnant

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    “I can’t afford to STOP using these bars. I started using the product when my 31 weeker prem baby was 5 weeks old. I was struggling to directly breaswtfeed my son due to his size (only weighing 1.9kg) and was therefore expressing using an electric breast pump. I received the package in the afternoon and immediately ate a bar. Oh my goodness. I was so impressed. Not only did I know that they were supposed to be good for baby and I, they also tasted AMAZING.

    The texture is just right and the sweetness is just enough to satisfy those breastfeeding cravings. I had another at night and my husband took a bite, only to want the entire bar until I told him that this is my booby bars. Usually I pump about 200ml during my morning session, but when I woke up the next morning I had expressed a whole 360ml. I was a little skeptical, but I had another bar at morning and evening. My evening session delivered 330ml. Apart from the consistent higher expressed volumes of breast milk, I also noticed that I was more regular, I had more sustained energy and my skin was looking amazing. I would recommend this product to anyone.”


    Pumping mom to a baby boy

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    “My let down became stronger and I started leaking milk again while she was feeding on the other breast. My baby fed for 4min at most, where it used to be between 6-8min, but she was still satisfied and happy after feedings.

    She had fewer stomach cramps and had poopy diapers with a big smile instead of being finicky. Her digestive system was happier so she was a happier and friendlier baby than what se used to be. Even my digestive system and emotional well being felt and was better after using the Booby bars.”

    Melanie O

    Breastfeeding Mom to a baby girl


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